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Does it work on PC or Mac?

Will it fit the Samsung 12 inch, iPad Pro or Surface?

Will the Qwerkywriter be available to purchase in my country?

Can we get Qwerkywriters in other colors?

Can we buy the keycaps separately?

Do you support other languages?

Does the return bar have a "ding" sound?

Do you have a carrying case?

Why do you call it QWERKYwriter?

Does this support Linux?

Does this work with Windows 8?


What is your return policy?

What is your warranty?

I need help! Who can I contact?


When will my order ship?

Do you ship internationally?

Where is my package?

I got charged taxes/duties on my order. I thought the shipping fee paid for that?


One of my keys seems to stick, what do I do?

How do I change the sleep settings on my keyboard?

Battery light is blinking...what does that mean?

The letters on my keys are wearing off...can I get it replaced?

When I type on my iPad/iPhone, it will randomly type spaces, periods and extra letters! What do I do?

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