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What does the Qwerkywriter sound like?


Sep 29, 2014 • Posted by Brian

@Christopher – Thanks for your interest in the Qwerkywriter. The mechanical switches will be Cherry MX switches. But depending on availability as there is a huge Cherry MX shortage, we may explore MX compatible switches as well.

Sep 23, 2014 • Posted by Christopher Cashell

What are you guys using for the mechanical switches? Are they Cherry MX switches? Or something else?

Jul 23, 2014 • Posted by Jan Cieloha

yes, this idea has been on many minds… so impressed with not only you bringing the keyboard to fruition, but the beauty and attention to detail you’ve captured. I loved the sound video you made too and as you’ve expressed some future possibilities of uses for the chrome return arm, I was reminded of that classic ding accompanying throwing that arm… seems like it would be fun for the ding to show up in some form or fashion. Sort of like an SF cable car without the bell.
You’ve approached everything with such finesse, and integrity of design, not meaning the ding for anything schlocky, but the whimsy of it would not be wasted on all us vintage typewriter aficionados.

Jul 15, 2014 • Posted by Andrew

I (along with many others- undoubtedly,) have thought that this would be a great idea, though, you jumped on it, and no one else did, so, You Win Sir! to the victor go the spoils
I am glad (now that i am sure it IS actually being made) that an independent “Entrepreneur” (or…whatever you refer to yourself as) is taking on this task rather than some large name company, that would be more likely to release in large volume and thus; quality would suffer.
I look forward to seeing Your product in stores soon.


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