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Production Road Map

It's been just a week but we've been working hard to get our high level schedule worked out. One of the more exciting conclusion is that our shipping window is looking closer than we think!  Now that doesn't mean we will ship early for sure, but it's more likely that we will be shipping closer to June than August.  So I am cautiously optimistic that our official launch window is June-August.  

Production Snap Shot July 2014 Production Snap Shot July 2014

What is a production road map?  This basically a "map" that let's you guys know exactly where we are headed.  This road map can change however because it's just a projection.  

What this means is you the backers should never be in the dark about what stage the Qwerkywriter is at. If this chart doesn't make sense, shoot me an email and I will do my best to explain what's going on.  

More importantly, we can see potential dependencies early.  For example, we can develop our Keycaps independent of PCB(circuit board) or Frame design. But, we can't design the Frame until we can make sure PCB is designed and prototyped.  The Frame design is "dependent" on the PCB design. So we need to make sure the PCB design really stays on schedule, while we have a bit of flexibility when it comes to Keycaps. 

More to come soon!



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Dec 12, 2014 • Posted by Jim Davis

Regarding your production map, do you feel like you are “on” schedule, “ahead” of schedule, or “behind” schedule?

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