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Qwerkywriter Concept Art

We are almost at the one month mark and we are currently right in the middle of our engineering feasibility phase. What this means is we are capturing our Qwerkywriter into the computer (via CAD, in this case Solidworks) and get our Kickstarter Prototype into something that is mass manufacturable. We are getting quotes for parts and vetting the best way to balance cost and quality.

Now for the fun stuff! I mentioned that we were doing a final clean up design pass on our Qwerkywriter during the Kickstarter campaign and we got to do just that! The Qwerkywriter prototype was extremely well received by people and press but it lacked a number of critical refinements such as modifier keycap style, the rounded corners, and other small details. These concept drawings inform our 3D engineers the design refinements I'm looking for our final production Qwerkywriter.

US Layout:

UK (international layout):

Thank you for your support!

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