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Production Update

If you are a backer or have pre-ordered the QWERKYWRITER, you are fully up to date on where the QWERKYWRITER is headed.  However, if you have recently just heard about us, or just want to know more about the QWERKYWRITER, this blog post is for you!  

QWERKYWRITER was Kickstarter Funded!

Qwerkywriter was sucessfully Kickstarter-funded this past July by raising more than $129k in just under 30 days. Our post Kickstarter pre-orders have also been very strong.

These past few months, we've been hard at work wrapping up our engineering feasibility tests in preparation for tooling and manufacturing.  This means taking our Kickstarter prototype and transforming it into a working CAD model which will serve as the blueprint for our final product.


Notice and compare the evolution of the QWERKYWRITER in this CAD mock up versus what we had at the launch of our Kickstarter.   As I have said before to our backers, CAD is far more than having pretty renders.  Rather it takes into account what materials are used and informs our manufacturing partners the mechanical and electrical engineering considerations.  For example, the reason for the contours and curved shape you see is due to our extensive use of metal in the overall construction of the QWERKYWRITER.  

There's also a whole lot that you don't see.  Printed circuit board screws, bluetooth transmitter, and battery casings are just a few things we've got working inside that our manufacturing partners will use as a guide to manufacture the QWERKYWRITER.  

Getting to this level of refinement was hard work but it was well worth the results!


Right now we are totally focused on getting our very first production prototype manufactured. This is when our CAD model comes to life and we can evaluate it one last time before we start our mass manufacturing process.  We will post updates as soon as we complete our prototype so please stay tuned!

 Production Schedule

Looking ahead we are still tracking very nicely to begin shipping as early as June through August 2015.  Although there are still risks in manufacturing delays and costs, we will continue to update this schedule as we progress. Thank you again so much for your interest in the QWERKYWRITER!


Apr 10, 2015 • Posted by Louise C.

WOW! I love what you are working on! I hope you can get this on the market soon! Good luck with working out all of those little things!

Jan 11, 2015 • Posted by Sonny Daze

First off, a big wow and thank you. You not only took a typewriter you made it bluetooth and can use with you everyday current piece of technology. I must say I’m so ecstatic. only a few days ago me and my bro was talking about “owhh i wanna buy a typewriter, owhh yeah me too” then BANG! we found this, what the heck the chances we celebrated till there was no tomorrow.. any way let me get to the point.. can we adapt the screen to the positing of a more suitable view? i like to write, a lot, and i pick some random positions to get comfortable, like this one time at orlando studios, florida i was on this roller coaster the ride broke down like upside down for a good 40 mins, i got an idea and had to write.. any way sorry.. the quarrel with me is it looks full front on and no flexibility in the base in which your tablet sits, jus would be handy if you could tilt.. great idea though seriously.. ill keep watching,

Dec 22, 2014 • Posted by Jon Muzzarelli

Hey Brian,
Happy holidays. Can wait to get my hands on a Qwerkywriter. How can I send you a few typewriter photographs?

Dec 17, 2014 • Posted by Michele May

This is awesome news! Looking forward to owning this gem.

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