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March Production Update

Sorry for the late update!  We are still here and working diligently to produce our first manufacture ready prototype.  Though we've hit a snag with the return bar/bluetooth engineering and the Lunar Holiday break at our manufacturing plant, we are still doing well in terms of our schedule.  At this rate, we should have our prototype ready sometime in March and set for our manufacturing to begin shortly after.

But in the meantime, we went spent some time in design and engineering to repositioned the Bluetooth and refined the Carriage Return Bar.  This work allows us to match the overall retro-future look and helps us stay within our manufacturing budget constraints.  

Repositioned Bluetooth Transmitter to the Right Side

 We will further investigate our transmission issue when the prototype is complete.   Thanks you guys for all your continued support and I will be in touch soon!


May 11, 2015 • Posted by Brian


Thanks so much for thinking of us!

1) This is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and it can be recharged via micro USB device.

2) The QWERKYWRITER does NOT charge any Tablet or iPAD while it’s on the stand. But it’s a feature we are investigating for the future.

May 03, 2015 • Posted by Kim


I am interested in purchasing one of these but I have some questions:

1). How is this device powered (i.e., battery, etc)?

2). How will the ipad/tablet be charged while on this device?

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