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Qwerkywriter Manufacturing Progress!

Our Qwerkywriter manufacturing is in full swing and I wanted to update you with the latest progress.  The components in these pictures are small batch samples from our early manufacturing runs.

Qwerkywriter Unfinished Top Metal PlateQwerkywriter Unfinished Top Metal Plate
Qwerkywriter Unfinished Bottom Metal PlateQwerkywriter Unfinished Bottom Metal Plate

Right now, we are making the first round of components and refining the tooling to ensure the highest quality possible.  We've had unanticipated difficulties due to curvatures of the Qwerkywriter's outer metal frame.  We did what we could to minimize curvatures but cutting too much would have seriously compromised the aesthetic look of the Qwerkywriter. We did take a hit on our schedule by a week or so due to these challenges but we are doing everything we can to get back on schedule.

Return Bar - Like a Fine Swiss Watch!Return Bar - Like a Fine Swiss Watch!

The Return Bar, however, has turned out amazing!  It's a solid metal piece chromed to match our keycaps.  It's got copper tubing on the bottom for durability.  

Repositioned Power SwitchRepositioned Power Switch

We re-positioned the power switch to the side for better ergonomic functionality and upgraded the switch type to better match the overall retro aesthetic. You can also tell from this angle that we've increased the thickness of the metal case to improve rigidity and overall sturdiness.

Qwerkywriter Keycaps and New Space BarQwerkywriter Keycaps and New Space Bar

We finally have our new space bar along with a more ergonomic concave keycap surface. We've added dimples for touch-typing as well.  

Updated Ship Dates

Current Estimated Shipping Window - Early October 2015 through November 2015

Our estimated shipping window is tracking towards the early October 2015 through November 2015.The metal curvature issue not withstanding, we are doing everything we can for a speedy delivery.  

I appreciate all your patience and your continued support!  We are at the final stretch of our incredible creative journey! :)  If you have any concerns, feel free to let me know and I will do my best to answer your questions.


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Aug 10, 2015 • Posted by DC

Congratulations on your superb, fantastic design! In our digital age, and at a time when Retro is more popular than ever, you’ve created a piece of truly elegant technology that appears to have the same durability as its mechanical ancestor.
Also, I’m impressed with how you’re making an online community endeavor out of your manufacturing process.
Having stumbled onto your page, I look forward to watching this unique undertaking become a reality; and excitedly await holding a Qwerky of my own in the near future.
Kind regards,

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