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Qwerkywriter Pilot and Macro Function Return Bar!

Hello Friends!

We have much to cover so let's get to it!

Now that our tooling is complete, we are busy making "pilot" runs off our assembly line.  "Pilots" are essentially small batch manufacturing runs to iron out errors and catch manufacturing defects before they happen.  For example, I mentioned before how the curvature of the metal plates had a difficult time fitting with the plastic moulded parts.  These are the kinds of challenges we overcome during this process. 


Qwerkywriter Pilot #1 is our very first Qwerkywriter off the actual assembly line!  We learned a lot and solved many unexpected challenges.  As you can see we've made many improvements, such as the concave keycaps, touch-typing grooves, the new spacebar, improved Return Bar shape, and more.  

Qwerkywriter Keycap Moulds!Qwerkywriter Keycap Moulds!

One of the coolest things I saw during the manufacturing process was this immense keycap steel moulds.  These incredible precision tools sculpt simple plastic pellets into the beautiful shapes you see below.  Just amazing! 

Qwerkywriter Final Keycap DesignQwerkywriter Final Keycap Design
New Space BarNew Space Bar

Macro Function Return Bar 

The Return Bar now functions as a Macro Key that can record up to 5 characters.  It defaults as the ENTER key, but it can be programmed to be any key or string of keys up to 5 characters.  

Press the FN+Return Bar to Enter Macro ModePress the FN+Return Bar to Enter Macro Mode

You simply hold down the FN+Return Bar.  Then type up to 5 characters.  If you type all 5, it will be out of RECORD mode.  If you type less than 5, you have to press FN+RETURN Bar again to get out of macro RECORD mode.  

Here's a video link that explains more in detail!

Production Schedule

We are still on schedule to deliver our Qwerkywriter to all you Backers and Pre-Order supporters from October 2015 through November 2015 window.  Yay!  As we get closer, we will send details of our shipping plans!  Exciting and exhausting!

We are very close but at a critical stage so I appreciate your patience and support throughout this journey together!

Thank you guys!


Quick Plug

One of my mentors and good friend (and fellow Qwerkywriter Backer) has a Kickstarter up RIGHT NOW.  He's an incredible craftsman and a gentleman.  His project Remora is something to check out for sure! 


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How Can I record a “Insert” key?

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