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Quality Control

We are working hard getting ready for our final stage of mass manufacturing.  The Qwerkywriters you see below are the final batch from the sample run we completed.  We are now ready to really crank up production! Pretty exciting!

Our First Pilot Batch for Quality Assurance!
Our First Pilot Batch for Quality Assurance!

We are running tests, inspecting switches, checking the finish, and more to catch anything that can cause delay and quality issues before we get scale up the production. If there's one thing I've learned, it is to sincerely appreciate the everyday hardware items I use and never take them for granted!  It takes extraordinary effort to ensure the best end-user experience! Whew!

Quad Qwerkywriters Prepped for Battery Tests!
Quad Qwerkywriters Prepped for Battery Tests!

We're also checking off the little but important details like the Manual and Instruction Videos, critical for great customer experience.  Packaging is another BIG one!  We'll post more on this in the weeks to come!

Clip of the Qwerkywriter Manual
Clip of the Qwerkywriter Manual

Finally for shipping, we are still on track for October 2015 through November 2015 as we roll out first units for our Kickstarter Backers and Pre-Order supporters, followed by International supporters in the order received! Thanks again you guys for your patience and support!  

Let me know if you guys have any concerns or feedback!



Mar 07, 2016 • Posted by Carlos Ortega

Hello from London. I got my keyboard last week and have started using it with a SURFACE 3 tablet with absolutely no flaws. Feels great and beats my expectations for its looks and feel.
I wonder if in the future you could produce and sell as add-ons key sets oriented to “rest of the world” market, like for example: a Spanish Layout key set.
It would easily help broader your potential customers beyond US-UK markets.
Congrats for your beautiful creation. I’m really happy with it and typing as hell, just for the fun of it!!!

Dec 11, 2015 • Posted by hwang yong hyun

I ’m interested in your beautiful product, but I wonder if it would be working on korean. Would it be possible working on other languages ?

Dec 03, 2015 • Posted by Qwerkytoys

@Ernest-You will void warranty but you can certainly desolder and resolder switches off our PCB should you choose to!

Dec 02, 2015 • Posted by Ernest He

Any chance to change the switches to Cherry Blue ones by myself (I can buy some cherry switches)? Kaih switches are not that good quality for I found a few switches work not fine (press feeling).

Oct 16, 2015 • Posted by Sara Bogin

Wow, so excited to get mine. Is there any update on when these are going to ship?

Sep 11, 2015 • Posted by David Weiser

Great work, we can’t wait. My plastic spacebar has a divet from use so I’ll definitely be appreciating that metal I believe you indicated would be used in the final spacebar!

You must be very excited to be nearing the end of what has to have been a colossal undertaking.

I follow Elan Musk closely with all he has achieved. You must look at the products he has brought to life and just shake your head in amazement…as do I.

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