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Nov 19, 2015 • Posted by Qwerkytoys

@Tim – The Qwerkywriter will absolutely work with the Dell Venue just fine since it’s a Bluetooth Enabled Tablet.

Nov 18, 2015 • Posted by Tim Hogan

My son was given A Dell Venue Pro 10 tablet by his local school district. Will your keyboard be compatible with that device? He prefers to use a vintage typewriter when doing his homework instead of his device. this seems like the best of both worlds.

Thanks so much for a response.


Tim Hogan

Nov 09, 2015 • Posted by Isaac

Hey guys,
So hyped for my Qwerkywriter to arrive! How long will it take you to ship the latter preorders? Will they be shipped this week as well?

Nov 05, 2015 • Posted by Qwerkytoys, INC

@Ricky Thanks so much and thanks for supporting us and making this possible! :) There aren’t any special MAC keys I’m afraid. Our “qwerky logo” key will function as a MAC CMD key and our ALT key will function normally as your “OPTION” key on a mac. I hope this helps!

Nov 05, 2015 • Posted by Qwerkytoys, INC

@Fred Hey thanks for thinking us and support our Qwerkywriter project. We are on schedule to start shipping the Week of November 8th in the order received but there’s quite a few orders to fulfill. All our preorder supporters get exclusive up to date info on their order. There will be a news letter going out in the next day with our latest schedule!

Nov 05, 2015 • Posted by Ricky Park

Hi, I ordered a Qwerkywriter today.
Can I get the product with Mac OS CMD,OPT Key Cap?

I love this project ; )

Nov 02, 2015 • Posted by Fred Suh


I’ve ordered Qwerkywriter sometimes ago(guess sometime in Sept/Oct) and didn’t realized that I’ve missed to keep my order number.

Can I have a details on where my order is running at?

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