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WINDOWS / Mac OS - Remapping ALT and QWERKY KEY to OPT and CMD

Hey guys,

UPDATE: For WINDOWS users: I've linked below a very HANDY tool that can help you remap your keys to however you need.

Sharpkeys comes highly recommended!


Also, check out this awesome article on LIFEHACKER about all things Keyremapping! 




Here is a quick tip to remapping the ALT (OPT on the MAC) and our QwerkyKey (CMD on MAC) so they are in the right positions.

My Qwerkywriter has the QwerkyKey Swapped and Mapped to CMD Key


So on my Qwerkywriter, I have these swapped when I'm using my Qwerkywriter on my iMac.

It's easy to switch these keycaps out since they use standard mx stems.  Just be sure to becareful when you pull and push these back in since the stems are delicate.  

Once you swap these out, you have to tell the MacOS to behave this way.  This is set in under System Perferences, Keyboard Section

Click on the Modifier Keys

Once you are here, switch the settings to look like the pic below

Hit Okay!

Now you are set!  The QWERKY Key is positioned next to the SPACE BAR and will behave like the Apple CMD key!

Hope this helps!


UPDATE - It appears as though the COMMAND and OPTION setting reset once the Qwerkywriter either goes to power save mode or you turn it off.  This looks like an odd BUG or a "feature" in the MacOS.  We will look into how to permanently have this in place so stay tuned!  Thanks for your patience! :)

The current work around is to go to this page and keep setting the Option to Command and Option to Command for now.  Definitely annoying but we'll keep you posted on an update soon!




Jan 23, 2016 • Posted by Mary Beth Frezon

Justin, make sure you select your Qwertywriter keyboard at the top of the modifier keys screen described above so you alter the layout for the correct keyboard.

Dec 01, 2015 • Posted by Qwerkytoys Support

Sometimes you have to double check to make SURE that it’s actually set to the way you want. Please double check to make sure OPT is set to COMMAND and COMMAND is set to OPT.

Nov 28, 2015 • Posted by Justin

This doesn’t work for me. It switches the function on my MacBook keyboard , but not my Qwerkywriter. I followed the instructions… Am I missing something?

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