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Qwerkywriter German/French Support on Mac Laptop/Desktop and iOS (iPad

Due to production challenges, at this time we don't fully support German (QWERTZ) and French (AZERTY) layouts physically, especially legends and such.  But there are still ways to use the Qwerkywriter UK/ISO version in German and French with some modifications.

First the Qwerkywriter's switches allow keycaps to be swapped and moved around.






Then depending on your OS, you have to tell you computer or iPad to recognize this physical change.

On the Mac, it's quite simple. Goto the KEYBOARD control panel under System Preferences


Then Add Your Language


Then either you can click the top to switch your language or use a shortcut command to swap between languages on the FLY.

Selecting the CMD+Space will allow you to switch between languages quickly.

For iOS it's even simpler

Add your language under General/ Languages & Region

Then select your language.  If you wish to swap between languages, simply hold CTLR+SHIFT+SPACE Bar will bring up the option to switch your languages on the fly.



Hope this helps you guys and thanks again for your support and patience!


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