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Adding UK Layout in Mac OS and iPads (@ and " issue)


In order to properly map the UK layout Qwerkywriter with you mac, you have to make sure your have a British PC layout added from your Keyboard control panel under the System Preference settings.  This will ensure that you're Qwerkywriter is fully compatible and will properly give you access to keys like @ and " keys.


First goto the Keyboard Section on the MAC

Then Add British -PC

You should now see your proper layout.

Now select the British PC layout and you should be all set.  Should you go back to another keyboard (why would you?) but if you did,  you can switch back to the layout that matches your hardware Keyboard layout.


On the IOS (iPad/iPhone), our friends at Apple has put up a very helpful section on how to add multiple layouts to support your UK Qwerkywriter!


Jan 31, 2016 • Posted by Support


If you need additional help, please contact support@qwerkytoys.com We are aware of the @symbol issue on UK Qwerkywriter layout for iOS device. While Mac OS (the desktop OS) has the ability to switch to the BRITISH PC layout which enables the @ symbol, on the iOS, we will be posting a work around soon. Thanks for your patience!

Jan 30, 2016 • Posted by Fede

I don’t understand how I can do @ in UK layout, please help me

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