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Bluetooth Dongle Compatibility on Windows Desktops - UPDATED

Hey guys,

So there's been some challenges on making sure that external Bluetooth Dongles are compatible with the Qwerkywriter.  The symptoms of incompatible (older Bluetooth Dongles) are simple the inability to connect or after the computer or the Qwerkywriter goes to auto sleep, it will not reconnect.

We've begun extensive testing on various Bluetooth Dongles and here is a short list (just one for now that we can confirm it's 100% compatible.

UPDATE:  We are aware of an issue on certain WIN10 machines where if the WIN10 machine goes to powersave mode, your Qwerkywriter connected via Bluetooth will not be able awake the computer and may be disconnected.  The temporary work around is to turn OFF the Qwerkywriter and turn back ON the Qwerkywriter.  This will reestablish the Bluetooth Connectivity.  Sorry for the inconvenience and we will try to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

UPDATE:  Looks like SOUNDBOT has a new WIN10 compatible dongle for $7.99 on Amazon Soundbot model SB342.  We recommend this dongle for our WIN10 users who need either doesn't have a Bluetooth transmitter or need to upgrade their Bluetooth transmitter to work with our Qwerkywriter.  Below is the link.


We were able to confirm that SoundBot SB340 is fully compatible on Windows 7 (and beyond) Desktop machines.  It's $7.99 on Amazon currently. 

Here is the Amazon link.


(We'll add more Dongles after do our thorough tests)


Another Bluetooth Dongle we've tested with the Qwerkywriter is the Kinivo BTD-400


Below is the Amazon Link.


The couple of issue we found was the large driver size in Win7 - it's about 200+ megs and comes with some interesting tools.  in Win 10, we are told we don't need any drivers.

Also, the initial "wake" from the our Qwerkywriter required couple more "taps" to wake up, unlike SoundBot - which was "snappier"  But once it's connected, it appears very solid.

We will continue to update more dongles as we test them out!

Thanks for your patience!



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Dec 13, 2015 • Posted by Geoffrey Morris

There’s an updated version of that dongle which you will need if you’re using Windows 10. It’s for sale at the same price – http://www.amazon.com/SoundBot%C2%AE-Bluetooth-Universal-Transfer-Compatible/dp/B015S22N54/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1450032614&sr=8-1&keywords=soundbot+sb342

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