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Qwerkywriter Bluetooth Trouble Shooting Tips

So you just got your Qwerkywriter! Yay!  But for some reason, you're having trouble connecting the Qwerkywriter to your device! Arrrrgh! We understanding your frustration and we are here to help!  Here are some practical things you can do.

EDIT:  Sometimes hitting the CONNECT button, the round button on the back of the Qwerkywriter, holding it down a second or two, gets the Qwerkywriter into a RESET mode.  This will also generally resolve most connectivity issues. 

1. Power Button Needs to be On!

This seems silly but we've done this at our lab.  Unless the Qwerkywriter is turned ON, you can't pair the Qwerkywriter.  So be sure to check this first.

2. Reminder that you have to press the connect button in the back to have the Qwerkywriter show up.


3. See if you can connect to your smart phone.  (iPhone or Android Phone)

Qwerkywriter uses the latest Bluetooth chipset to ensure the highest quality transmission and battery life.  But it's not guaranteed to work on every device out there, especially some of the older Windows and Android tablets.  

One sure way to eliminate that the Qwerkywriter is functioning properly is to connect the Qwerkywriter to you phone.  You can actually use the Qwerkywriter as a typing device on your Phone.  Nearly every smart phone has high quality Bluetooth transmitter built-in.  So if the Qwerkywriter connects with your phone, you can rule out the Qwerkywriter and we can focus on helping you connect the Qwerkywriter to your other device.

For the rare incompatible android tablet device that connects fine with your phone, but will NOT connect to your tablet (such as old Nooks) you are out of luck, sadly.

For WIN machines, there is hope!  We have a section posted talking about ways to add a Bluetooth Dongle to your machine to ensure full compatibility with the Qwerkywriter.  

4. Proximity Matters

Because the Qwerkywriter uses a Bluetooth Transmitter, how close the Qwerkywriter is to your device you want to connect initially is important.  You may want to make sure that the Qwerkywriter is as close to your pairing device as possible initially.  Once it's paired, you can move the Qwerkywriter up to 30 feet away in some cases.

If all else fails, please contact support@qwerkytoys.com and we will do our best to assist you further!

Happy Typing! :)






Jul 12, 2016 • Posted by Choi

The wireless icon is not lighted up , so it is not connected

Jan 25, 2016 • Posted by Robert

Can not bring keyboard to life.

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