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Windows 10, Surface, Surface Pro, Bluetooth Connectivity Tips

Hey guys!

I know a lot of you guys are using the Qwerkywriter with WIN 10 devices, such as the Surface and the Surface Pro.  Here is a quick start guide that can help you pair the Qwerkywriter quickly and easily so you can be up and writing! Let's get to it.

UPDATE:  Looks like SOUNDBOT has a new WIN10 compatible dongle for $7.99 on Amazon Soundbot model SB342.  We recommend this dongle for our WIN10 users who need either doesn't have a Bluetooth transmitter or need to upgrade their Bluetooth transmitter to work with our Qwerkywriter.  Below is the link.


EDIT:  Sometimes hitting the CONNECT button, the round button on the back of the Qwerkywriter, holding it down a second or two, gets the Qwerkywriter into a RESET mode.  This will also generally resolve most connectivity issues.

1. Goto the right lower corner and find the Bluetooth icon button.


2. When you click on the Bluetooth ICO, this menu will show up. Click on the Add a Bluetooth Device



3.  Be sure your QWERKYWRITER is fully charged and that you have switch the QWERKYWRITER to ON.  Then press the CONNECT button behind your QWERKYWRITER.  Also make sure your QWERKYWRITER isn't too far from your device. Another thing is make sure you have Unpaired and REMOVED the QWERKYWRITER from any other Bluetooth device you have paired with - such as your iphone or other device! 

The QWERKYWRITER should immediately show up.




4.  Some of you have reported not seeing this passcode.  If you don't there is something wrong.  Turn off your QWERKYWRITER and possible reboot your machine. 

When you see this passcode type them in - carefully.  BE SURE to press ENTER after you press the code.




5. Now you are all set to write your next epic novel! or some forgettable facebook post. Either way, it's super fun with the QWERKYWRITER, no? Yes! it is! :)




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