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Qwerkywriter Bluetooth and Bluetooth Dongle Troubleshooting Tips

Hey guys!

Here is an update to address customers using Bluetooth Dongles or planning on using Bluetooth Dongles.  We highly recommend WIN10 for all PC users.  

UPDATE: Multiple Bluetooth Transmitters in WIN10/WIN7 can cause disconnect issues after a WINDOWS update. You need to disable your old bluetooth transmitter or built in transmitter manually under DEVICES Manager in WIN10/7

Please be aware that when you have multiple bluetooth transmitters, for example for those of you had bought a DONGLE, or if you had a recent WINDOWS System update that caused your QWERKYWRITER to experience disconnect issues, please read the following tips.

What you may have to do is DISABLE your old Bluetooth transmitter (most likely the one that's built in rather than the new DONGLE you purchased) in DEVICES Manager.

Sure sign tale that something has gone wrong is seeing the YELLOW ! mark next to one of your bluetooth transmitters.

This means you may need to manually disable the OLD bluetooth transmitter and the QWERKYWRITER should function normally.

Below is an example of ASUS bluetooth transmitter disabled (one that's built in to the motherboard) in lieu of the BROADCOM Bluetooth 4.0 Amazon "Pluggable" Dongle.  

This allows the Qwerkywriter to function normally without having disconnect issues, especially after you reboot your computer. Or after your Qwerkywriter or PC goes to power sleep mode.


Here is a list of BLUETOOTH DONGLES we recommend for customers using WIN 10.  For those of you using WIN8 or older, please see entry below.

Plugable USB Bluetooth Dongle. (tested and verified - We recommend WIN10)


SOUNDBOT 342 USB Bluetooth Dongle. (tested and verified - We recommend WIN10)


Bluetooth Connectivity PRO TIPS and Known Issues.

We are aware of an issue with certain WIN machines where turning off and turning back on the Qwerkywriter after WIN machine goes to POWERSAVE mode is the only way to re-establish connection.  Sorry for the inconvenience and we will let you know if we have an update incoming.

Avoid using USB Hubs to put your dongle if possible.  We've found that this can interfere with wake function on WINDOWS. Try to put the dongle directly on to the computer or on the motherboard.

If your computer is having trouble finding the Qwerkywriter, try to hold the "connect" button on the back of the Qwerkywriter for a full 1-2 seconds and let go.  Qwerkywriter will then go into "pairing" mode and often will show up as a new Keyboard on your device.

WIN 10 Powersave mode can interfere with customers using External Bluetooth Dongles.  In order to make sure the Qwerkywriter can stay connected and WAKE the WIN 10 device, be sure to DISABLE the USB selective suspend setting under Power Management section in your WIN 10 Control Panel.  



We've been trying to get to the bottom of this issue where some users where they see a "Same Passcode" issue.  No one ever actually writers these randomly generated bluetooth Passcodes so it can be very frustrating not remembering what it is.

When you accidentally or deliberately press the CONNECT button on the Qwerkywriter, repeatedly to a Qwerkywriter that is already Paired, sometimes your Qwerkywriter will stop functioning because it puts the Qwerkywriter in to PAIRING mode.  This can cause some havoc with connectivity.

If you are having trouble and see this screen, try to click on the "try entering a passcode on it"  That SHOULD generate a new passcode you can now type on the Qwerkywriter (followed up the ENTER) button.  And this should RePair the Qwerkywriter.  

The problem is that even if you remove the device and try to "re-pair" the Qwerkywriter, because WIN 10 remembers your specific Qwerkywriter, it will still give you this "blank" passcode screen. However, it looks as though WIN 10 finally updated this some time ago where you if click the "Ok, try entering a passcode on it" - WIN 10 will generate a new passcode for you to enter.  This should resolve the issue.  

1. Goto the right lower corner and find the Bluetooth icon button.


2. When you click on the Bluetooth ICO, this menu will show up. Click on the Add a Bluetooth Device



3.  Be sure your QWERKYWRITER is fully charged and that you have switch the QWERKYWRITER to ON.  Then press the CONNECT button behind your QWERKYWRITER.  Also make sure your QWERKYWRITER isn't too far from your device. Another thing is make sure you have Unpaired and REMOVED the QWERKYWRITER from any other Bluetooth device you have paired with - such as your iphone or other device! 

The QWERKYWRITER should immediately show up.




4.  Some of you have reported not seeing this passcode.  If you don't there is something wrong.  Turn off your QWERKYWRITER and possible reboot your machine. 

When you see this passcode type them in - carefully.  BE SURE to press ENTER after you press the code.




5. Now you are all set to write your next epic novel! or some forgettable facebook post. Either way, it's super fun with the QWERKYWRITER, no? Yes! it is! :)

 As always, if this doesn't solve your issue, feel free to ping support@qwerkytoys.com and someone will be with you!



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