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iPad and iPhone Sluggish Typing Fixes

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UPDATE: Apple released iOS 10.2 that improves bluetooth keyboard perfomance signaficantly.  If you have not already, we recommend updating to iOS 10.2

Hey guys,

Apple is constantly trying to improve user experience but sometimes it can cause havoc on 3rd party apps and devices, including the Qwerkywriter.

This is a complex issue and there are number of workarounds based on our research. Please check back for updates. 

1) Uninstall the Qwerkywriter completely to "forgetting" device and re-pair the Qwerkywriter.  Often this will do the trick.

2) After AFK for a few seconds, typing is sluggish.  (being away from the keyboard longer than a few minutes) Whenever mobile devices like iPads/MacBooks/Iphones are not being used for a peroid of time and if you are AFK, it goes into auto power cycle down mode to conserve battery. Unfortunately, this can cause sluggishness with some bluetooth keyboards.  Work around is to wait a few moments(3-5 seconds) before typing then it should be ready to go.

2) Keep in mind what APP you are using to use the Qwerkywriter.  For example Notepad (default iOS app) or other "cloud sycning" apps like Google Docs, could potentially cause lag as the App is constantly "syncing" with the cloud while you are typing - which can cause performance degradation.

Look under iCloud and other "Cloud" syncing features and disable them while you are typing if you are experiencing sluggishness and turn them on when you are done writing.

3) Under Settings>General>Background App Refresh - Turn this OFF to increase performance and intermittent "sluggishness"  This is another "cloud" type feature that can cause sluggishness offline

4) Under GENERAL>Keyboards there are a number of services that can aggravate sluggish performance.  Disabling one or more of these features can improve sluggishness.


We will continue to update this page and give you more updates as we find them. Thanks for your patience!


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