A word from the Founder and CEO of Qwerkytoys, Inc.

Qwerkytoys, Inc. was founded in my garage as a hobby project to challenge myself creatively.  I was discontent with the “vanilla” aesthetic of most electronic products I used so I decided to make my own.  It wasn’t easy, but through patience and hard work, we launched our first product, the Qwerkywriter on Kickstarter in 2014...the original typewriter-inspired mechanical keyboard.

I know that the Qwerkywriter isn’t for everybody.  It’s expensive to make and the price reflects that.  We are a tiny company trying to do something beautiful and fun in a marketplace that is unforgiving and costly.  

When you support us, you are supporting a company who cares about design and craftsmanship.  I am committed to innovation and risk taking that’s fun and challenging. I appreciate your support and good will and we look forward to making more cool products like the Qwerkywriter.