As cliche as it may sound, the Qwerkywriter® actually did start out in my garage as a simple passion project.  I was discontent with the “vanilla” aesthetic of most electronic products I used so I thought "why not make my own?" Well I can tell you it was not easy. But through grit and hard work, we launched our first product, the Qwerkywriter® on Kickstarter in 2014...the original Typewriter-Inspired™ mechanical keyboard.

Since then, some how, we've beat the odds in bringing to market an unlikely product and led the way to create an entire category of new keyboards.


It takes a lot to build a great product.  Our price point reflects more than just the parts but the research and development required and people resource to bring it all together.  Even though we are a tiny company we pride ourselves in world-class customer support and warranty service.  We build our products to last and you can be sure we have a track record of not only shipping on time, but taking care of you once you own our product.



I am committed to innovation and risk taking that’s fun and challenging. I appreciate your support and good will and we look forward to making more cool products like the Qwerkywriter®.