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    1. Will the Qwerkywriter be available to purchase in my country?  At this time, it is only available online but we do ship internationally.
    2. When will I get my Qwerkywriter?  We will ship your order 1-2 days after receiving your order (updated 2/8/16).
    3. Can we get Qwerkywriters in other colors?  No, not at this time.  We only have it in black.
    4. Can we buy the keycaps separately?  Not at this time.  However, we plan to give away keycaps as prizes so you should sign up for our newsletter!
    5. Do you support other languages?  The Qwerkywriter is available in either UK and US version.  AZERTY (French) and QWERTZ (German) can be made by swapping the keycaps around because our round keycap stems are uniform in height so you can easily move keys around to accomodate various layouts.  The only thing would be the legends, which we only support UK and US at this time.  Other languages such as Korean, Japanese, Spanish, etc. can be typed on our keyboard as long as you change your language preference on your tablet/computer but the keys will only be in English for now.
    6. I've moved since ordering...can I change my shipping address?  Yes, please email us at support@qwerkytoys.com with your updated address and order number.
    7. Do you ship internationally?  Yes!  Shipping prices vary depending where you're located.
    8. Does it work on PC or Mac?  The Qwerkywriter is compatible with all computers that have Bluetooth.
    9. Does the return bar have a "ding" sound?  No, but maybe in the future! :)
    10. Will it fit the Samsung 12 inch, iPad Pro or Surface?  Qwerkywriter is bluetooth/wireless so it will connect to nearly every tablet on the market today.  We recommend using a separate kickstand to place your larger 12"+ tablets.
    11. What is the difference between a UK and US Keyboard?  The keys are laid out a little different.  Here's a photo to show you the difference between the two.

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