• Adjust the programmable sleep setting to a lower set time. To change the programmable sleep setting:
  • The Qwerkywriter must be ON, in Bluetooth mode, and connected to a device via Bluetooth
  • Next, choose your timer with these key combinations:
FN + F8 = sleep setting set to 10 mins
FN + F9 = sleep setting set to 20 mins
FN + F10 = sleep setting set to 30 mins
FN + F11 = sleep setting disabled

The 10 minute setting will preserve the battery longer while disabling the sleep setting will drain your battery faster

  • Turn the Power switch to OFF(o) when done for the day

  • Confirm battery gets a full recharge. A dead battery needs to charge for at least 4-5 hours. Once the charging cable is connected the red LED will turn on indicating that the battery is being charged. Once the battery is at 100% the red LED will turn off.
  • Use Bluetooth mode while plugged in for charging. Whether plugged in to a computer or a USB outlet, Bluetooth mode can be used.

The new Qwerkywriter® S uses more battery than the original Qwerkywriter® so the typical charge duration is approximately 1 month but with heavy use expect to charge the Qwerkywriter® S every 1-2 weeks.