Cleaning and Maintaining your QWERKYWRITER® (S)

Tools to clean:
  • Can of Pressurized air
  • Mild soap and water (no not use any product with alcohol)
  • Microfiber towel
  • Toothbrush
  • Post-it note











    Recommended Cleaning Steps:
    • Use pressurized air to remove dirt and pet hair.
    • Spray cleaning solution on microfiber towel.
    • Never spray cleaning fluids directly on QWS

    • Use wet cleaning cloth to wipe across keycaps, return bar, and chassis.
    • Spray toothbrush away from keyboard






    • Use wet toothbrush on keycaps
    • Wipe off excess cleaning solution






    • Remove keycaps with keycap puller
    • Use pressurized air again






    • Use toothbrush(wet or dry)on chassis
    • Use post-it note to remove debris from keycaps






    • Carefully place each keycaps back on keyboard