Please be aware that only products purchased through our official Qwerkywriter® and Qwerkytoys, Inc branded channels are eligible for warranty service and customer support.  We have seen online and offline sites with counterfeit products and false advertisements, especially during these challenging times.  Our legal team is hard at work to take action against these sites.  But we urge extra caution for authenticity.

If you are ever unsure, please contact us at and we can immediately verify whether your Qwerkywriter and any Qwerkytoys, Inc branded product is authentic.

If you feel that you've purchased a product that is not genuine, please contact the vendor you purchased it from and ask for a full refund.  You can also ask your payment company (Paypal/Visa) to take action against unscrupulous companies engaged in counterfeit or bait and switch practices.

Thank you and be safe.

-Qwerky Team