1 - Turn the Qwerkywriter S power to ON


2 - Choose which of the 3 Bluetooth slots you would like to pair to. Select Bluetooth slot:

FN + 1 for slot 1
FN + 2 for slot 2
FN + 3 for slot 3


3 - Corresponding LED will blink 3x, indicating slot selected.

If no LED lights up then you are in USB mode. Simply press the USB/Bluetooth button to switch to Bluetooth mode.


4 - Press the Qwerkywriter S pair button to enable pairing mode. 

Pairing mode is needed each time you connect to a new device. After Qwerkywriter S is paired to your device, pairing mode is not required to connect again.


5 - The selected Bluetooth slot LED will start blinking when pairing mode is enabled.


6 - On your PC, smartphone, or tablet, locate your Bluetooth settings within either Settings/System Preferences

Settings > Bluetooth
System Preferences > Bluetooth
Windows 10
Start > Settings > Devices > Add Bluetooth or other device
Settings > Connections > Bluetooth

7 - Select the Qwerkywriter S, which will be listed under devices as ‘QWERKYWRITER S’ or a series of numbers.

8 - Once connected via Bluetooth the corresponding Bluetooth LED will stay on until the Qwerkywriter S® is disconnected, turned off, or goes into sleep mode

9 - [Optional] Repeat with remaining Qwerkywriter S Bluetooth slots. You can pair one device in each slot. Mix and match supported Bluetooth devices however you prefer.

For example:
Slot 1 - Windows 10 computer
Slot 2 - iPad
Slot 3 - Android Smartphone


10 - The Qwerkywriter S can be paired to 3 devices but can only be connected and type on one device at a time. Select the slot of the paired device you want to type on, then press any key to connect.

FN + 1 for slot 1
FN + 2 for slot 2
FN + 3 for slot 3
Once the slot is selected the LED:
Blink 3x - stays on = connected to a device
Blink 3x - turns off = no devices connected to this slot
*Bluetooth slots cannot be changed while in USB mode. If in USB mode, use gray button to toggle to Bluetooth mode first. Gray button will toggle between USB mode and Bluetooth mode(last selected Bluetooth slot.



The included USB cable simultaneously provides a wired connection and power. Simply plug in the cable and confirm you're in USB mode to instantly connect the Qwerkywriter S to your computer. Use the gray button to toggle between USB mode and Bluetooth mode. (Tip: Make sure the USB cable is plugged in all the way!  It's a very snug fit so it may need some gentle force. Once in, the red charging light will come on.)

While in USB mode the Qwerkywriter S does not drain power from the battery. Instead, it recharges the battery as indicated by the red LED. Once the cable has charged the battery to 100% the red LED will turn OFF.


NKEY MODE(optimal use in USB mode but supported in Bluetooth mode)

NKey mode will give the Qwerkywriter S a faster response time when keys are typed.

FN + PG DN = NKey mode ON
FN + PG UP = NKey mode OFF

The N labeled LED, located in the upper right, will light up to indicate NKey mode is ON.

When NKey mode is ON, the battery will drain faster so charging may be needed more frequently. However, this doesn’t apply if the charging cable is plugged in.



The Qwerkywriter S has a programmable sleep setting that can be utilized to save battery power. There is one sleep setting for all 3 Bluetooth slots. To adjust the sleep settings timer, the Qwerkywriter S must be:

  • Powered ON
  • In Bluetooth mode
  • Connected to a Bluetooth device
Sleep mode is enabled after there has been no keys pressed after a certain amount of time. Program the time with the below key combinations.
FN + F8 = 10 minute(default)
FN + F9 = 20 minute
FN + F10 = 30 minute
FN + F11 = Sleep setting OFF
When the above key combinations are pressed, the USB LED will momentarily turn on to indicated timer setting has been changed.
When the Qwerkywriter S goes into sleep mode, simply press a few keys to wake. The keyboard will turn on and reconnect to the most recently connected device.
*Sleep setting is not used while Qwerkywriter S is in USB mode



Each platen knob turns allowing you to either adjust your volume or use vertical scrolling.*

Swap the volume and scroll function between the two knobs with FN + W.

*Currently scrolling does not work with the new iOS.



Qwerkywriter® S can program up to 15 characters including combination using modifier keys(i.e. CMD + C for COPY). The return bar factory setting is set to ‘ENTER’.

To Program your Return Bar:

1 - Press Function (FN) key and return bar at the same time
2 - USB LED will start blinking to indicate the Qwerkywriter S® is ready for programming
3 - Type your desired combination, up to 15 characters
4 - Press Function (FN) key and return bar at the same time
5 - LED will stop blinking indicating your return bar is now programmed