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Qwerkywriter Aluminum Chassis
Qwerkywriter aluminum chassis.
Our assembly process first starts with the raw aluminum chassis that house the Qwerkywriter.  Each aluminum chassis must be cut, bent, and then hung for powder coating.  After the coating process, it's "baked" in high heat.  
Qwerkywriter Components
Automotive grade electroplated metal components.
Parts are further sorted and inspected. Our key design components are made of safe metals, such as aluminum and zinc.  These are more costly to manufacture than plastics but these metal components are what sets the Qwerkywriter apart from other copycat products. 
 Qwerkywriter Platen
Qwerkywriter assembly requires meticulous attention to detail. 
Our scroll knobs and return bars need custom electromechanics and cable connections, so the assembly require care and precision.  These tactile design elements are what makes the Qwerkywriter so magical.
Qwerkywriter Limited Edition Gold Components
Limited edition gold components

Limited edition Qwerkywriters are assembled individually by hand and meet our most stringent quality standards.  You can watch our time lapse video below to see how its done! 
Qwerkywriter mechanical switches
German engineered components
Watch the time lapse assembly video of the Qwerkywriter!