"Signature edition" Qwerkywriter® are a series of very limited releases with unique design features including being HAND-ASSEMBLED here in California, USA.


Unmatched in its aesthetic design, the Qwerkywriter® easily is one of the most stunning devices you will ever own but don't let that distract you! The Qwerkywriter®  is jam-packed with industry-leading features and patented design you won't find anywhere else. Will only be available in the US layout.


    • Multi-Device Wireless Connectivity - The Qwerkywriter® can be connected to multiple wireless devices and switch amongst them.  So now you can have a mobile phone, a tablet, and a laptop all connected wirelessly to the Qwerkywriter® S.

    • Wired USB mode with NKRO support - This is a fancy way of saying that in wired USB mode, Qwerkywriter® can perform at the highest levels without dropping letters or strokes. Now supports USB-C!

    • Dual Scroll Knob Encoders - The Qwerkywriter® features dual function scroll knobs that control volume and page scroll. 

    • Mechanical Switches - The New Qwerkywriter® now uses the famed Cherry™ MX “clicky” switches for that ultimate tactile feedback experience.

    • Integrated Tablet Stand - The Qwerkywriter® has a built-in integrated tablet stand that can accommodate comfortably up to 10.5 inch screens.  It can also accommodate most 13 inch tablets as long as it’s less than 5/8 inch thick (including iPad Pro and Surface Pro tablets).

    • Macro Return Bar - The Qwerkywriter®’s signature all-metal macro programmable Return Bar defaults to the “enter” key.  But you can program up to 15 characters to generate short signatures and more.

    • New Scratch Resistant All Aluminum Chassis - The Qwerkywriter® chassis is constructed entirely out of a new scratch-resistant aluminum alloy for an incredible feel of quality and durability.

    • Typewriter-Inspired® Keycaps - The beautiful, typewriter-inspired® 2 piece keycaps of the Qwerkywriter® have numerous improvements, including better stability, improved laser etching, and automotive-grade electroplating.

    • Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery - The Qwerkywriter® S can function up to 3-4 weeks on a single charge depending on usage.  In USB mode, the Qwerkywriter® does not require battery power. Instead, it charges the Qwerkywriter®. 

    • Dimensions - 13" x 7" x 2.5" approx. Weight is a little under 3 lbs.


(*WINDOWS Devices may require a separate Bluetooth Dongle if using it via Bluetooth on older or incompatible hardware)


Qwerkywriter®, charging USB cable, and manual.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Ashley Butler
Qwerkywriter S gold and white

This is by far the coolest keyboard ever. I was contemplating another brand which was twice as much money, but I'm glad I went with Qwerkywriter. The shipping and quality are amazing. All my friends comment how cool it looks when they see it. So glad I purchased.

I can't stop typing

Not going to lie, after I clicked on the "pay" button, I had some moments of regret. As a student, this keyboard didn't come cheap, especially considering the additional costs of shipping and duty fees. However, one week later, I received my Qwerkywriter, and any doubts I had vanished with the first keystroke. I can confidently say that I got exactly what I paid for – it's nothing short of magical.

This keyboard is not only a joy to type on, but it's also a sight to behold. Its vintage-inspired design is so aesthetically pleasing that it's practically a work of art. The tactile feedback from the mechanical keys is incredibly satisfying, making every keystroke a pleasure. While it might have been a bit of a splurge initially, I have zero regrets about investing in the Qwerkywriter. It's not just a keyboard; it's an experience, and one that I'm thoroughly enjoying. If you're a fellow enthusiast of both style and substance, I highly recommend giving this keyboard a try. It's pretty and practical in every way.



Carlos Petrucci
Great experiencie!

I am so happy and i feel my old typewriter. Very good quality and easy to use. I love it...

Renae Ogle
Tactile satisfaction

I’m trying to write a book or several books maybe and I have used a regular computer keyboard and I even used a traveler which has chunky keys, but typing on quirky writer is very satisfying and I’ve gotten more written since I got it then I have in a while. I’m learning about the Bluetooth part of it. That’s where I mess up but that’s user error problem. I have to continue to figure out how to do that but yeah.

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