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"Signature edition" QWERKYWRITER's are a series of very limited releases with unique design features. 

Unmatched in its aesthetic design, the QWERKYWRITER® S easily is one of the most stunning devices you will ever own but don't let that distract you! The QWERKYWRITER® S is jam-packed with industry-leading features and patented design you won't find anywhere else. Will only be available in the US layout.


    • Multi-Device Wireless Connectivity - The Qwerkywriter® S can be connected to multiple wireless devices and switch amongst them.  So now you can have a mobile phone, a tablet, and a laptop all connected wirelessly to the Qwerkywriter® S.

    • Wired USB mode with NKRO support - This is a fancy way of saying that in wired USB mode, Qwerkywriter® S can perform at the highest levels without dropping letters or strokes. Now supports USB-C!

    • Dual Scroll Knob Encoders - The Qwerkywriter® features dual function scroll knobs that control volume and page scroll. (Now supported in iOS* Requires another scroll enabled Bluetooth device to be connected at the same time, such as a Bluetooth Mouse or TrackPad )

    • Mechanical Switches - The New Qwerkywriter® S now uses the famed Cherry™ MX “clicky” switches for that ultimate tactile feedback experience.

    • Integrated Tablet Stand - The Qwerkywriter® S has a built-in integrated tablet stand that can accommodate comfortably up to 10.5 inch screens.  It can also accommodate most 12 inch tablets as long as it’s less than 5/8 inch thick (including iPad Pro and Surface Pro tablets).

    • Macro Return Bar - The Qwerkywriter® S’s signature all-metal macro programmable Return Bar defaults to the “enter” key.  But you can program up to 15 characters to generate short signatures and more.

    • New Scratch Resistant All Aluminum Chassis - The Qwerkywriter® S chassis is constructed entirely out of a new scratch-resistant aluminum alloy for an incredible feel of quality and durability.

    • Typewriter-Inspired® Keycaps - The beautiful, typewriter-inspired® 2 piece keycaps of the Qwerkywriter® S have numerous improvements, including better stability and automotive-grade electroplating.

    • Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery - The Qwerkywriter® S can function up to 3-4 weeks on a single charge depending on usage.  In USB mode, the Qwerkywriter® S does not require battery power. Instead, it charges the Qwerkywriter® S. 

    • Dimensions - 13" x 7" x 2.5" approx. Weight is a little under 3 lbs.


(*WINDOWS Devices may require a separate Bluetooth Dongle if using it via Bluetooth on older or incompatible hardware)



Qwerkywriter® S, charging USB cable, and manual.


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Marcus Chong
An excellent and aesthetically pleasing keyboard

I have used this keyboard for almost two weeks now and I can say, the only way to get a closer typewriter experience while working on a computer or a tablet is by doing some DIY on a real typewriter to work with the aforementioned devices.

However, the real reason for wanting to purchase this keyboard isn't that it feels like typing on a typewriter. Any blue switch mechanical keyboard would offer the same experience. It's that the keyboard also looks like a typewriter, with the bar on the top left acting as the 'enter' key and the functional knobs completing the experience. Beyond that, the keyboard's build quality is exceptional. The keycaps are exceptionally made, the textures feel great to the touch and the key spacing is ample for a comfortable typing experience. Not too close together, not too far apart.

Then there's the weight. As far as bluetooth keyboards go, it's a hefty keyboard. As such it stays in place no matter how furiously you pound away at it. This gives the keyboard a sturdy feel. However, it also means that you might not want to treat this keyboard as your everyday carry keyboard. The size of the keyboard, while excellent for delivering a pleasant typing experience, also ensures it doesn't fit into the typical bags sized for carrying 11 inch tablets.

Overall, a very beautiful keyboard that's very pleasing to look at, to display and to write on, but not exactly something you want to carry with you all the time.

Tiffany T

So glad I decided to splurge and treat myself to this fun writing toy 😁. Works well, feels well made, and is gorgeous! I love the details, like being able to scroll up and down the page and the return bar. Bluetooth pairing works well. I'm amused I could use this to type on my phone if I wanted.

Feel like I could write the next great American novel on this keyboard

The aesthetics of this keyboard are everything that I dreamed they would be. If clicky, retro keys spark joy in your life, then you need this keyboard. Now I just wish that I had an equally awesome retro bluetooth mouse to go with it!

I did take off one star because the gold paint around my R key has already chipped in less than two weeks. I'm not sure if I'm annoyed given the price, or if the worn in look adds to the charm? Otherwise everything about this keyboard is as expected, and it was incredibly easy to connect to both my personal and work computers.

Gina Montoya
Typing heaven

It feels just like the old ones 40 years ago !!! I love it and am thrilled I made this purchase.

Great Typewriter Keyboard!

I love the look and feel of the typewriter. It is heavy, not cheap plastic. The keys are nice and easy to press, you don't have to press as firmly as a traditional typewriter, but they still have that nice "click" sound. The gold color against black is gorgeous. It took me a minute to get the hang of the bluetooth connection, but I was able to connect to my Surface Pro tablet without issue. The tablet fits well in the slot provided, but be aware that the tablet will sit almost 90 degrees with very little tilt back.

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