Confirm Qwerkywriter S is turned ON or has a charged battery

Not using the USB cable? Make sure power switch is turned to the ON(-) position.

Plugging in the USB/charging cable gives power to the Qwerkywriter too. The red LED turns on to indicate cable is plugged in and battery is being recharged.


To use Qwerkywriter S Bluetooth it must be in Bluetooth Mode

The Qwerkywriter S has a Bluetooth mode and a USB mode. If USB mode is ON, the Qwerkywriter S will not pair or connect with Bluetooth.


Toggle between USB mode and Bluetooth mode using gray button


First time Bluetooth connection requires pressing Bluetooth pairing button

Pairing mode is needed each time you connect to a new device. Once in Bluetooth mode, press the pairing button to enable pairing mode. Blinking LED indicates Qwerkywriter S is in pairing mode.

Once in pairing mode, the Qwerkywriter S will show up as a pairable device in your computers/devices Bluetooth settings.

After Qwerkywriter S is paired to your device, pairing mode is not required to connect again*.

*unless you REMOVE or FORGET the Qwerkywriter S in your devices Bluetooth settings


Already connected devices? Confirm paired slot is selected.

If you have connected the Qwerkywriter S to your device, confirm correct Bluetooth slot selected.

FN + 1 = BT slot 1

FN + 2 = BT slot 2

FN + 3 = BT slot 3

Once you select a slot, the corresponding LED will:

Blink 3x - stays on = connected to a device

Blink 3x - turns off = no devices connected to this slot


Still having issues after the above steps, try REMOVING Qwerkywriter S and pair again.

iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Goto Settings>Bluetooth>My Devices>Qwerkywriter(S) Press the "i" icon, then select "Forget This Device"



Once you have REMOVED or FORGOT the Qwerkywriter S from your paired Bluetooth devices list, pair again as if for the first time. This will require enabling the pairing mode on the Qwerkywriter S. Click here for detailed steps (link to first time BT connection instructions coming soon)

Disconnecting from iOS?

This could be from a 1 minute sleep setting on iOS devices. This sleep setting overrides the programmable sleep setting in the Qwerkywriter S. We can provide a firmware upgrade to restore the ability to program the sleep setting in iOS devices. Please contact for further information.

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