Your Qwerkywriter is a high performance machine.  So we always recommend if possible to use USB wired mode for the optimal typing experience, especially if you are a fast or a professional typist. 

You can even connect to iPads and Tablets via USB mode with the proper adapters.

For wired connect for iOS devices with Lightning Cable

USB to Lightning Dongle

For wired connection to iOS or Android devices with USB - C


For wired connection to Android devices with micro USB

USB to Micro USB

Bluetooth is recommend for casual use.  But we've have some tips for you to get the best results.


Key physically gets stuck?

  • Try pressing the key repeatedly/quickly. 
Our switches are fresh from the factory and sometime it requires a bit of use to "break them in"
  • Try swapping out keycaps.
Remove problem keycap and another nearby keycap.
To remove a keycap, pinch the chrome edge and pull up.
Set problem keycap aside
Use second keycap on the problem key.
Press firmly down to attach keycap to key.
Press key to see if the issue is resolved.

    If swapping out keycaps resolves the issue, new replacement keycaps can be purchased here.

    If after swapping out the keycaps the issue is not resolved, contact for further instructions.


    Key physically presses but there is nothing being typed on screen/only types sometimes?


    • A low battery can cause various key issues.

    Charge the Qwerkywriter S for at least 4-5 hours. Once the charging cable is connected the red LED will turn on indicating that the battery is being charged. Once the battery is at 100% the red LED will turn off.

    • Switch from using Bluetooth to using USB mode

    If you're using a PC, or device with a USB port, connect the Qwerkywriter S and use it in USB mode. Key issues could be linked with connectivity issues, so switching to a wired USB mode will eliminate any wireless issues.

    • Try resetting Bluetooth

    If the problem only happens in Bluetooth mode, REMOVE Qwerkywriter S from your PC/devices paired Bluetooth devices and pair again.


    Keys type but I have to wait for on screen words to catch up with what I’ve typed(lagging) or extra letter/spaces get typed.

    • Enable NKey mode (optimal use in USB mode but supported in Bluetooth mode)
    NKey mode will give the Qwerkywriter S a faster response time when keys are typed.
    FN + PG DN = NKey mode ON
    FN + PG UP = NKey mode OFF
    The N labeled LED, located in the upper right, will light up to indicate NKey mode is ON.
    When NKey mode is ON, the battery will drain faster so charging may be needed more frequently. However, this doesn’t apply if the charging cable is plugged in.
    • Use Qwerkywriter in wired USB mode

    Wired connections will always have a better response time then wireless connections. If your PC/device has a USB port, try using the Qwerkywriter S in wired USB mode.

    Once plugged in, use the gray button to toggle between USB mode and Bluetooth mode. While in USB mode, turn on NKey mode to enable the fastest key responses from the Qwerkywriter S.


    Using only in Bluetooth mode?

    • Plug in charging cable and use Qwerkywriter S in Bluetooth mode while plugged in for charging.
    A low/defect battery can cause a variety of key issues. When the charging cable is plugged in the red LED will turn on indicating that the battery is being charged. Charge the Qwerkywriter S for at least 4-5 hours. Once the battery is at 100% the red LED will turn off. See if a fully charged battery helps with lagging or extra spaces.

    If not resolved after the battery is fully charged, see if using Bluetooth mode, while plugged in for charging, resolve the issue. Replacement batteries can be purchase here.

    • Try resetting Bluetooth

    REMOVE Qwerkywriter S from your tablet/smart phones paired Bluetooth devices and pair again.


    Disable key repeat in your computer/device settings


    Settings > General > Accessibility > Keyboard > Key repeat(OFF)



    System Preferences > Keyboard > Slide key repeat bar to OFF


    Windows 10

    Settings > Devices > Devices and Printer(under Related Settings) > Right click Qwerkywriter S > Keyboard Settings > Slide Repeat delay to long > click Apply