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Windows Bluetooth dongle setup

PC with no internal Bluetooth:

  1. Plug the dongle into a USB port. We recommend avoiding USB hubs, try to connect directly into the PC.
  2. Dongle may need to install Bluetooth drivers. Follow on screen prompts.
  3. Once drivers have been installed, Bluetooth will be available.

PC with existing Bluetooth:

- Remove all paired Bluetooth devices in Settings > Devices > Mouse, keyboard, & pen

- Use the search bar to access Device Manager window. 

- Expand Bluetooth.

- Locate internal Bluetooth line. Name will most likely contain Bluetooth Radio.

- Right click and select DISABLE. A small black arrow will appear next to disabled functions.

- Plug in Bluetooth Dongle into USB port

- Generic Bluetooth Radio will appear under Bluetooth

- Bluetooth dongle is installed, now pair Bluetooth device as if for the first time.