The QWERKYWRITER® NUMKEY is finally here! The NUMKEY is the perfect companion for the QWERKYWRITER®  

Made with the same high quality metal chassis, with automotive grade electroplating, and the legendary German Engineered Cherry MX “clicky” switches, the NUMKEY will complete your perfect desktop setup!

The NUMKEY can connect via wired USB mode via USB-C which also charges the NUMKEY, or via Wireless Bluetooth up to 2 devices and switch amongst them.  

Works with Win/Android and Mac/iOS


5.5” by 3.5” by 2.5”

Unit Weight

14 oz


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nancy LaChance

The keyboard and now number pad are just a truly delightful addition to my son’s computing life. You guys are awesome!

Azalea Rodriguez


Michael Watts
Great design

Love it. The solid construction and grippy feet make it stable to use without having to look atr it on the desk.

Selena Kaur
QWERTY S & Numkey

I am absolutely loving the QWERTY S and QWERTY numkey! As a big fan of old-school style, I can't get enough of the nostalgic sound of typing, which resembles a typewriter. The keys are wonderfully soft and smooth, making the experience even more enjoyable. What's even better is how easily it allows me to switch between devices. I'm loving every aspect of it!

Great Aesthetics

The numeric key pad has fantastic aesthetics. It goes very well with my writing pad, and most desk pens. Also that traditional key press sound is perfection.

I do have trouble connecting to my Android phone. It doesn't seem to want to type.

However it works very well in the corded mode with my Windows PC at work.

It dies have one major design flaw that needs to be noted [which merits the removal of a star.]:

The flaw is the implantation of the Number Lock key. It requires the use of the Esc key AND the Fn key. The function should be reversed where you need to hit the FN key to access esc.

While data entering into a spreadsheet like Excel, having to hit both buttons is a hindrance. Normally, you can use the keys as a way to scroll and input data with easy just by hitting one button that is the number lock button. So two buttons gets very annoying very fast.

Other than this one flaw the numeric key pad is perfect, and highly recommend.

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