• Top Row Function Keys Depending on your operating system, the function of F1 - F12 will vary. We have put the most common function on F1 - F5 keys, like volume increase and decrease. Some function are only accessible by pressing FN in addition to the function keys.
  • COMMAND KEY (MacOS) or WIN KEY (Win) not working? Our Qwerkytoys Logo functions as the CMD key in MacOS and WIN key in Windows.  If you find that your key doesn't work, it's possible you might have LOCKed the key by pressing FN+WIN/CMD key.  This will toggle between DISABLED and ENABLED key lock modes.
  • Key Mapping or Configuring to DVORAK or COLEMAK layouts CLICK HERE
  • Vertical scroll not working on my iOS device (iPhone, iPad) - We support volume control on the iOS but not page/vertical scroll.  Page/vertical scroll is not supported on iOS in general because it was developed as a touch user interface operating system.  On Android, both volume and page scroll is supported!
  • Bluetooth Disconnecting from iOS (iPhone/iPad) - This could be from a 1 minute sleep setting on iOS devices. This sleep setting overrides the programmable sleep setting in the Qwerkywriter S. We can provide a firmware upgrade to restore the ability to program the sleep setting in iOS devices.  Please contact for further assistance.
  • LOST KEYCAP or NEW CABLE? You can order replacements.  CLICK HERE


For all other additional questions, please contact